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In the summer we try to grill as often as possible. This summer, the book “Planet Barbecue” has been our guide. The yakitori recipe is from the book, with my addition of leeks. The others are made up by me … Continue reading

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Sushi: Crab Rangoon and Spicy Tuna Rolls

See here for general sushi information. This spicy tuna roll is pretty standard. The filling is a combination of the following, in whatever proportions please you: Spicy Tuna: sashimi grade tuna, diced cucumber, diced or in strips mayonnaise, preferably Japanese … Continue reading

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Zaru Soba, Kimchi Shrimp Cakes, and a Miso Soup

We made zaru soba, inspired by a tasty Japanese noodle spot we visited in San Francisco. Instead of the more typical tempura accompaniment, we made kimchi shrimp cakes. Also, as a side, we made a simple potato and wakame miso … Continue reading

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Sushi: Futomaki with garlic scapes, seasoned tuna, shrimp, and more

This is a roll with garlic scapes, sweet fish flakes, shrimp, thick Japanese omelet, and soy-simmered kanpyo gourd and shiitake mushrooms. For the recipe for the mushrooms, gourd, and rice, see this post. The garlic scapes are blanched in salted … Continue reading

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Red Miso Soup with Arugula

This is another recipe that I just don’t measure on. The exact amounts don’t matter, but I made some guesses for novice cooks of miso soup. Dashi (2 cups): 2 cups water about 1/4 cup kombu kelp about 1/4 bonito … Continue reading

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Vegan sushi

What? Really? It probably has some weirdo meat substitute, or tastes bad, right? Wrong! You can make really tasty sushi with no animal products at all, and nothing artificial. Of course, its obvious to any reader of this blog that … Continue reading

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Japanese deviled eggs

This dish will probably go unphotographed forever. Whenever I make it, it is for a party, and because it is a party, they instantly disappear.  I always wing it on measurements, but I put my guesses below for a dozen … Continue reading

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