Tandoori Taco’s author is a PhD student in a scientific discipline. She cooks as a way to get away from her work, while at the same time indulging those very tendencies that made her become a scientist. Her most frequent dining companion, sous chef, and as you might have guessed already, husband, is also a scientist. She has a dog who is not a scientist, but extremely cute.

Between the two of them, they are experts at American Southern food, Mexican food, and Pakistani food. They dabble in many other types of cooking.

As a note, posts tagged as vegetarian sometimes have other meat recipes, and posts tagged as vegan sometimes have meat or cheese recipes. The point of the tags is to make it easy to find recipes which are either natively vegetarian or easily adaptable to such a diet (like substituting veg broth for chicken). As a non-vegetarian, I’m open to any suggestions for making my site easier to use for vegetarians and vegans looking for recipes.


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